is the serial number on the motherboard unique

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Thu May 14 08:28:33 MDT 2009

On 5/12/2009 10:22 PM, Frank Sorenson wrote:
> How about using:
> dmidecode -s system-uuid

The "-s system-uuid" shortcut only appears to be available on non 
red-hat based dmidecode versions.  The UUID can still be returned by 
greping for 'uuid':
   /usr/sbin/dmidecode | grep -i uuid

Many of my systems still do not have a UUID value though:

 Product Name: A8N-SLI DELUXE
 UUID: E05FA41B-043D-DB11-ACF1-C0733C807344

 Product Name: SE7525RP2
 UUID: 77B3D4FA-5379-0010-8437-000E0C3BBD6C

 Product Name: A7N266VM
 UUID: Not Settable

 Product Name: CUV4X-C
 UUID: Not Settable


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