help me by casting a vote?

Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at
Wed May 13 18:17:43 MDT 2009

A few of you in IRC have already helped me out, but the race really  
tight and there are two days left so I need all the help I can get.

My mom is a finalist in a messiest pantry contest held by our local  
Shelf Reliance. The public is now voting on the five finalists on the  
company's blog.

Will you do me a quick favor, follow the link, and vote for my mom?

I believe she should win the contest, but not just because she is my  
mother. Her food storage room has no shelves. All of her stores are  
pilled waist deep on the floor. You can’t even get into the room to  
retrieve items, let alone consider rotating stock. While the other  
contestants do have messy pantries, they at least have shelves. My mom  
needs these shelves and I believe deserves to win the most. It also  
don't think it's fair that they let Heather have a collage of photos.

Thanks for your help!

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