May PLUG Meeting; The Open Source Datacenter

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Mon May 11 14:41:32 MDT 2009

I second Scott's request for note, slides, or what ever can be passed along.

Justin De Vries

>>> On Mon, 11 May 2009 at 2:18 PM, "Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant)"
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> I'd love to attend. Alas, I have cancelled two other events, to attend a
> third on this same night. Will there be any notes taken and shared on
> the list here after the presentation? 
> scott 
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>>Subject: May PLUG Meeting; The Open Source Datacenter
>>Date: May 13th, 2009
>>Time: 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
>>Location: Omniture, Inc. Building H this month.
>>FREE FOOD provided by Omniture!
>>I apologize for getting this out so late! Be sure to come. 
>>This is going to be a great presentation. Dan manages over 
>>15,000 Linux servers. You may not have that many, but the 
>>lessons learned can help anyone who is using Linux as a server 
>>(from few to many). From Dan:
>>"During the last 10 years of system administration I have been 
>>involved in a number of data center migrations and build-outs. 
>>As these projects came and went I began to see patterns emerge 
>>in the set of services and software required to run a 
>>successful operations infrastructure. This presentation will 
>>describe these patterns, and provide an overview of the Open 
>>Source software available to implement them."
>>About Dan:
>>Dan Hanks has been involved with Linux System administration 
>>since 1998, when he worked for EagleNet Online, a small ISP in 
>>Provo, which, in a sense, was the birthplace of PLUG. After 
>>EagleNet he worked as a systems and database administrator for 
>>Nothsky/ Online and is currently a 
>>system administrator for Omniture. He has varied interests, 
>>ranging from computers and technology to astronomy, geology, 
>>music, art, and family history research. He holds a Bachelor's 
>>degree in Computer Science from BYU, and is the father of 4 
>>adventuresome children. He (occasionally) blogs at 
>>, and tweets as @danhanks.
>>See you all there!
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