Linux sprinkler controller project

Dave Smith dave at
Sat May 9 22:06:09 MDT 2009

Okay Plug, let's get those creative juices flowing. I am sick of  
crappy non-intuitive user interfaces on home sprinkler control boxes,  
so I want to build my own. I want to create a box about the size of a  
home router that runs Linux, has Ethernet (or WiFi for a bonus), and  
controls up to 12 sprinkler valves. It will run a web server on which  
I would want to write a web app for sprinkler control. Ideally it  
would cost less than $100 in parts, and be something I could solder  
together in a day. Here's the rough look of the system:

Sprinker Valves <--- My New Box <--- TCP/IP <--- My home PC

I've been googling for such a box, and I have found nothing complete  
enough to buy off the shelf, so I'm ready to start hacking my own  

Any ideas where I should start? I reckon I'll need these questions  
answered first:
	- How do I control a sprinkler valve?
	- What kind of hardware platform should I use to do that?

If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.


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