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Thu May 7 13:44:22 MDT 2009

On Monday, I sent out this announcement to some mailing lists.  I
meant to get it out here too, but haven't had time until now.

I know some of you have heard about Brandon Stout's wife's issues.
I'd like to pass this on for Brandon and his family.  Earlier today I
sent him an email informing him of the collection we're taking, and
here's his response.

This is in relation to the story that ran on KSL recently.

We're taking donations on http://utos.org if you are wanting to help.
UTOS is paying for the paypal fees to make the amounts round out to
what was actually donated.


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Thank you very much.  I have wanted to put up a site with a paypal link,
but have not had the time with so much going on all at once.  I cannot
find the words to adequately express my gratitude.  You've been a great
friend since the day I met you when you gave me a ride to UPHPU, and I
appreciate it.  You can take some pictures off of http://flfn.org/ or
Facebook from my profile, you can refer people to http://flfn.org/ , and
you can reference my request for help letter on FLFN.org:


The letter is a little out-dated because people are already sending us
to Disneyland and our front yard is done, and I think someone is
secretly planning to do our backyard, but it still adequately shows
what's happening, where cash donations can help, and how really wanted
to try and be self-sufficient to the last.

Thank you again.


Clint Savage wrote:

> And the guys from UPHPU and UTOS have put up a donation site at
> chipin.com (you can see the widget on blog.utos.org).  UTOS is paying
> all the paypal fees and I'll be putting out a blog post shortly about
> the situation.
> We're gonna do everything we can to help.
> Cheers,
> Clint

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