NetBIOS resolution with Ubuntu BIND server

gregorcy gregorcy at
Wed May 6 15:34:09 MDT 2009

Stephen Ward wrote:
> Several months ago our W2k3 domain server crashed and burned and I
> hired a contractor to build us a Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) replacement.
> Everything is working swimmingly except one thing: NetBIOS name
> resolution.
> There are many times when from one Windows box, I'd like to be able to
> reach another Windows box by its NetBIOS name.  Because the Linux
> server is running BIND and a DHCP server, I've been able to get around
> this issue by effectively giving out static workstation IP addresses
> and then adding an entry to the DNS server.  This process is getting
> tiresome, though, and I'd like to get things working "the way they
> should" (quotes are there to indicate that I fully realize that such a
> thing is totally subjective).
> I hardly know where to start looking, so I seek the wisdom of this
> fine group.  Is it likely related to Samba?  BIND?  DHCP?  Other?
> Thanks,
> Stephen

You need samba to start (use?) NMDB.


I use a windows box to provide the WINS service or I would send you my config.

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