NetBIOS resolution with Ubuntu BIND server

Stephen Ward sjward at
Wed May 6 15:25:38 MDT 2009

Several months ago our W2k3 domain server crashed and burned and I
hired a contractor to build us a Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) replacement.
Everything is working swimmingly except one thing: NetBIOS name

There are many times when from one Windows box, I'd like to be able to
reach another Windows box by its NetBIOS name.  Because the Linux
server is running BIND and a DHCP server, I've been able to get around
this issue by effectively giving out static workstation IP addresses
and then adding an entry to the DNS server.  This process is getting
tiresome, though, and I'd like to get things working "the way they
should" (quotes are there to indicate that I fully realize that such a
thing is totally subjective).

I hardly know where to start looking, so I seek the wisdom of this
fine group.  Is it likely related to Samba?  BIND?  DHCP?  Other?


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