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> (Please forgive the cross post.)
> I have a client who is looking for an already made product(s) that will
> meet his needs or is at least customizable enough to be made to meet his
> needs.  Failing this search I am prepared to recommend he have a product
> built specifically for him.  However, before I recommend the latter option I
> promised I will see if anyone has any recommendations of pre-existing
> products.
> The requirements are below.  They very high level and the language is
> non-technical (read Marketing/Sales-ese).  If you have any suggestions or
> recommendations, I appreciate your feedback.
> ------------------------------------
> Part I - Team / Project Flow-Chart
> ----------------------------------
> Criterion:
> A. Ideally our interactive team flow-chart, should be CUSTOMIZABLE, and
> highly ADAPTABLE.
> B. Our overall platform or scenario, should allow for LAYERS of DATA.
> 1. Revealing our full 'TEAM' and each 'bio./ individual specialized 'I.D.';
> as well as dynamic interactive flow-charts showing various TEAM
> RELATIONSHIPS. . . (also as required, highly SECURE OPTIONS for  walled-off
> compartmentalizations of all critical data, which is available on a
> strictly, 'need to know' basis to protect proprietary 'inventions',
> 'trade-secrets', potential 'patents' or 'provisional patents', potentially
> still in the early R.&D. stages of development, etc.).
> 2. It should have the expandable capacity and 'user-friendliness' to act as
> DESIGN of all kinds as they develop and evolve into actual, 'Comp's', which
> can then be electronically submitted for review, editing sessions, and final
> approval, etc.).
> 3. All, TIMELINES, DATES, DEADLINES, etc. for all team member PROJECT(S)
> 4. Act as a, DYNAMIC (real-time) EDITING FORUM for all our far flung
> international team members who may be contributing to our various project
> particulars and new developments, according to their specialization and
> phased inputs, each in turn.
> 5. Should be highly ADAPTABLE and EXPANDABLE, allowing us to immediately
> adapt and upgrade, incorporating any superior new tecnological developments
> such as, 'SilverLight' etc., without getting bogged down, or slowed down in
> any way.
> 6. Etc.
> Possible 'off-the-shelf' recommedations??? (Microsoft's "PROJECT" software
> tool).
> Other better solutions???
> ------------------------------------
> ------------------------------
> Criterion:
> A. Our 'ideal' Photo-Archive, should be HIGHLY SECURE. (Password protected
> and tamper-proof, to prevent any of our valuable images from potentially
> drifting away, or becoming 'clip-art'. We must ensure in all apporpriate
> ways that our entire image-bank can never be copied in whole or part, for
> any unauthorized uses. Obviously we should then build our own proprietary,
> non-public archive).
> B. UPGRADEABLE and HIGHLY ADAPTABLE over time (as new tools, information
> architecture, improvements, etc., become available.).
> C. Globally ACCESSABLE. (24 / 7) accessability by our authorized team
> members for 'image - inputs' building our master archive, or 'image - review
> and selection', for specific ongoing, Design / P.R. project(s).
> D. HIGHLY EXPANDABLE in every way! (Allowing ongoing archiving of:)
> 1. 'Still-Photography';
> 2. 'High-Definition Film Selects'; Video of all kinds, etc.
> 3. 'Power-Point Presentations' (for all such tentative work-in-progress, or
> fully finished presentations ready to be entered into our permanent
> archive);
> 4. 'Steaming Video'; 'Flash-Streaming'; or 'Streaming-Flash';
> 'SilverLight', clips / selects, etc.
> 5. 'Etc.'
> E. VERY 'USER - FRIENDLY' IMAGE DATA-BASE: (ability to adjust any and all
> images for proper, 'raw-files', adjust 'resolution' at will, etc.).
> F. Our, 'Master Photo - Archive' should also serve as a valuable, 'MIRRORED
> G. 'Etc.'
> Possible 'off-the-shelf' solutions??? ("Joomla"; or "Bridge", etc.???)
> NOTE:* Or "other", even better solutions like, *** "HUDDLE" ! ***, etc.
> ------------------------------------
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