Request for recommendations for a Project Management/CMS system

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Wed May 6 11:10:17 MDT 2009

(Please forgive the cross post.)

I have a client who is looking for an already made product(s) that  
will meet his needs or is at least customizable enough to be made to  
meet his needs.  Failing this search I am prepared to recommend he  
have a product built specifically for him.  However, before I  
recommend the latter option I promised I will see if anyone has any  
recommendations of pre-existing products.

The requirements are below.  They very high level and the language is  
non-technical (read Marketing/Sales-ese).  If you have any suggestions  
or recommendations, I appreciate your feedback.


Part I - Team / Project Flow-Chart

A. Ideally our interactive team flow-chart, should be CUSTOMIZABLE,  
and highly ADAPTABLE.

B. Our overall platform or scenario, should allow for LAYERS of DATA.

1. Revealing our full 'TEAM' and each 'bio./ individual specialized  
'I.D.'; as well as dynamic interactive flow-charts showing various  
TEAM RELATIONSHIPS. . . (also as required, highly SECURE OPTIONS for   
walled-off compartmentalizations of all critical data, which is  
available on a strictly, 'need to know' basis to protect proprietary  
'inventions', 'trade-secrets', potential 'patents' or 'provisional  
patents', potentially still in the early R.&D. stages of development,  

2. It should have the expandable capacity and 'user-friendliness' to  
act as an ongoing, MIRRORED DATA BACK-UP (for all ACTIVE, WEBSITE PAGE  
PROTOTYPES; GRAPHIC DESIGN of all kinds as they develop and evolve  
into actual, 'Comp's', which can then be electronically submitted for  
review, editing sessions, and final approval, etc.).

3. All, TIMELINES, DATES, DEADLINES, etc. for all team member  

4. Act as a, DYNAMIC (real-time) EDITING FORUM for all our far flung  
international team members who may be contributing to our various  
project particulars and new developments, according to their  
specialization and phased inputs, each in turn.

5. Should be highly ADAPTABLE and EXPANDABLE, allowing us to  
immediately adapt and upgrade, incorporating any superior new  
tecnological developments such as, 'SilverLight' etc., without getting  
bogged down, or slowed down in any way.

6. Etc.
Possible 'off-the-shelf' recommedations??? (Microsoft's "PROJECT"  
software tool).
Other better solutions???



A. Our 'ideal' Photo-Archive, should be HIGHLY SECURE. (Password  
protected and tamper-proof, to prevent any of our valuable images from  
potentially drifting away, or becoming 'clip-art'. We must ensure in  
all apporpriate ways that our entire image-bank can never be copied in  
whole or part, for any unauthorized uses. Obviously we should then  
build our own proprietary, non-public archive).

B. UPGRADEABLE and HIGHLY ADAPTABLE over time (as new tools,  
information architecture, improvements, etc., become available.).

C. Globally ACCESSABLE. (24 / 7) accessability by our authorized team  
members for 'image - inputs' building our master archive, or 'image -  
review and selection', for specific ongoing, Design / P.R. project(s).

D. HIGHLY EXPANDABLE in every way! (Allowing ongoing archiving of:)
1. 'Still-Photography';
2. 'High-Definition Film Selects'; Video of all kinds, etc.
3. 'Power-Point Presentations' (for all such tentative work-in- 
progress, or fully finished presentations ready to be entered into our  
permanent archive);
4. 'Steaming Video'; 'Flash-Streaming'; or 'Streaming-Flash';  
'SilverLight', clips / selects, etc.
5. 'Etc.'

E. VERY 'USER - FRIENDLY' IMAGE DATA-BASE: (ability to adjust any and  
all images for proper, 'raw-files', adjust 'resolution' at will, etc.).

F. Our, 'Master Photo - Archive' should also serve as a valuable,  

G. 'Etc.'
Possible 'off-the-shelf' solutions??? ("Joomla"; or "Bridge", etc.???)
NOTE:* Or "other", even better solutions like, *** "HUDDLE" ! ***, etc.

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