Looking for a "multi-tool" Linux administrator

Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Tue May 5 23:00:40 MDT 2009

See the full job description below for all the criteria. I'll tell you right 
off the bat that we're looking for serious administrator and ACR will pay 
generously/competitively for the right person. Send resumes (*not* in Word 
format, thank you very much) to itjobs at acrllc.com. 

Also, don't look at http://www.acrllc.com/ as the shining example of the 
company's line-up. It's badly out of date and the designers have been working 
on a replacement for it. If you get an interview, you'll get to see all the 
cool stuff the company is working on (and if you get the job, you can push the 
designers' work live! :))

If you have any questions, you may direct them to me.

Job description follows:

ACR International is a holding company in Provo that operates several web-
based businesses. 

We are looking for a Linux systems administrator with a diverse set of
skills to help manage infrastructure for a fast-growing website. 

The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:

  - Substantial experience administering Linux, especially Red Hat
    Enterprise, CentOS, and/or Fedora Linux installations. RHCE is a plus
    but demonstrated competence equivalence acceptable.

  - Experience managing database installations using MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  - Experience configuring and maintaining Linux firewalls (iptables and

  - Understanding of common backup terminology and experience using open
    source backup applications like bacula.

  - Experience managing a growing set of multiple systems in a data center

  - Ability to configdently configure, deploy, and troubleshoot server
    applications such as Apache, Lighttpd, Flash Media Server, MySQL
    server, NFS, Bacula, Bind, ISC DHCP server, and Sendmail and/or

  - Familiarity with open source monitoring toolkits including Nagios,
    Munin, Cacti, and MRTG.

The following skills are highly desired:

  - Solid understanding of VPNs. OpenVPN and open source IPSEC
    implementations are a plus.

  - Open source high availability familiarity is a plus.

  - Good understanding of opens source audio and video data conversion,
    streaming, transcoding and encoding technology including FFMPEG and

  - Good understanding of Asterisk and open source VOIP technology

  - Good ability to debug and troubleshoot script and application code
    written in PHP, Perl, and Bash shell script.

  - Ability to crank out simple system administration scripts in Perl and
    Bash shell script. 

  - Familiarity with Red Hat kickstart technology and managed network
    installation and deployment systems such as Cobbler.

  - Experience working with SNMP nodes, managed ethernet switches, and
    onboard embedded server management/monitoring solutions such as IPMI. 

  - Good server hardware troubleshooting skills.

  - Good understanding of web video conventions and standards including
    Flash video, MPEG4, and mobile video formats such as 3GP. Familiarity
    with open source tools for working with this data is definitely a

  - Highly-effective communication skills, written and oral. 

  - Appreciation of sports is beneficial.

Job responsibilities include:

  - Help maintain server and application uptime.

  - Participate in an on-call rotation schedule that guarantees response to
    problems 24/7. 

  - Design and implement new, more efficient and more effective ways to
    monitor, maintain, and deploy systems.

  - Work at least part-time at ACR's headquarters in Provo. Remainder of time
    may be spent working remotely.

  - Deploy and configure new servers in data center as needed.

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