SATA and WinXPPro

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On Tuesday 05 May 2009 8:17:40 am Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
> I realize my question may not fit here, but perhaps I can get some
> direction.
> I have an older COMPAQ machine, on which I have to run XP PRO. It's for
> a program that has no linux port, Lytec Medical. I use it to process
> claims and keep track of my patients.
> I have an 80 gb drive in this COMPAQ box, and I have my Win XP Pro
> installation disc. The drive is SATA and the SATA bios shows upon
> booting, but once the XP disc cycles through it gets to a screen asking
> for third party drivers. I hit S and then it wants my driver disc, but
> it will only ask for it in my A: 3.5" floppy drive and won't let me
> insert it in the cdrom drive. Is this an XP Pro issue, not recognizing
> anything but the floppy, or is this something else? Anyone have a
> workaround, so I can get this installed?
> My boys will run this machine occasionally and I plan to load ubuntu on
> it as well, after xp installs.
> Scott
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You can do two things, really. Use a floppy, or create your own Windows setup 
disk and add the drivers onto that. Check out

I've used that one before.


Jessie Morris

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