Debian Lenny & AMD Geode

Charles Curley charlescurley at
Mon May 4 18:43:04 MDT 2009

I just did a net install of Lenny, Debian 5.01 on a first generation
fit-PC ( I selected XFCE instead of
Gnome. The install went fine until I went to fire up X. It was not
configured during installation.

First question: what program should I have run to configure X?

Having run Ubuntu on my fit-PCs, I had xorg.conf already for it. I
copied that over. Then, when I ran startx, it complained of a lack of a
driver for the AMD geode display. I installed that using aptitude.
("aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-geode") After that XFCE seemed to
come up just fine. So it wasn't just a matter of configuring X
correctly, the driver wasn't installed.

So even though I now have a working configuration, I'd like to see why
configuration failed so I can file a bug report.

Lenny is much faster on the fit-PC than Ubuntu, BTW, noticeably even at
the command line. So I may stick with Debian on them.



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