Open firmware for router

Richard Esplin richard at
Fri Mar 27 13:56:50 MDT 2009

I want a cheap firewall that I can configure to do VPN, VOIP QoS, and maybe 
even DansGuardian filtering. I already have a wireless device, so paying for 
wireless functionality I won't use is a little annoying. I just want a router 
I can tinker with. I imagined getting something like a Linksys RVS4000 or 
Netgear FVS336G-100NAS and putting my own firmware on it.

Will an open firmware like OpenWrt, DD-Wrt, or Tomato work on routers that do 
not have wireless hardware? Google suggests that it won't, but I wanted to 
check with you experts.

Is there an open firmware that would work on such a device? I can't find one.

Any ideas?


Richard Esplin

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