Safe BIOS upgrade option | Ultimate Ubuntu installation

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Thu Mar 26 09:46:41 MDT 2009

I have two questions: 

I have a system with a BIOS date of 8/2007. It works, runs, but I
believe a BIOS update would let the onboard SATA controller work better.
I am nervous about running a BIOS upgrade though. The mobo is from
MicroStar Int'l (MSI). Anyone know how to safely a) find the correct
upgrade image, and b) apply it, on a system running Linux. 

My other question is about installing in this case Ultimate Ubuntu 2.0.
The package to install could be ANYTHING, so it's not about the package,
but about installation. I'd like to install this package on this same
system, and then have GRUB allow me to pick which version at boot time.
Do I just run the install and carve up the drive, partition it for space
for the two versions? Should I set up a separate partition for data to
share between the two versions? 


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