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If any of you are looking or know someone looking, here are some openings.

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I'm assuming they respond at either the website or to the guy who sent out
the email.


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Java Web Application Developer
eReinsure is an established application service provider looking for a client-side developer with a strong command of JavaScript, CSS, XSLT, XML, and XHTML to help us to continue to provide a elegant and usable user interface.  We have experienced product mangers, designers, and developers who need a skilled web guru to bring concepts to life; someone who can make a web page do anything.

Major duties and responsibilities will include: 

?	Implementing elegant, highly-usable front-ends for high-quality, scalable enterprise web applications
?	Develop working prototypes from new product concepts and interface designs 
Working with server-side engineers and product management to help design, build and maintain a scalable web architecture 
?	Employing solid software engineering practices to ensure high-quality, 
maintainable/extensible code and predictable schedules
?	Assist with usability testing, browser compatibility testing and quality assurance  

Candidate Description: 

?	Experience building compelling, interactive, scalable web applications 
?	Proficiency with client architectures and reusable, component development and deployment
?	Solid understanding of software design principles, OO concepts (OO JavaScript), Web Standards, Unobtrusive Javascript, and UI design best practices
?	Exceptional CSS, JavaScript, HTML/XHTML skills
?	Strong experience with DOM scripting, AJAX/JSON, XML, and JQuery
?	Expertise in cross-browser development practices and browser degradation strategies for Web 2.0 applications
?	Experience providing cross browser compatible applications 
?	Basic competency in transforming XML to HTML using XSLT
?	Production skills with Photoshop and other imaging software are a plus 

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Data Analyst - To work within the product management group supporting the creation of ad hoc reports and presentation of analysis requested by internal and external customers. Will also support system design through analyzing system statistics for a web based application.  Will need to have strong analytical skills and advanced capability with MS Excel and Access.  Additional skills desired: text file import and export, SQL including joins and grouping, pivot tables, charts, technical writing skills. Advanced skills a plus: programming and automation skills (VBA and macros), HTML, XML, XSLT. Engineering, statistics, actuarial or similar qualifications bachelors degree minimum.  eReinsure is the leading provider of technologies for online management of reinsurance.
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Java Web Application Developer
eReinsure has established itself as the leading online platform for managing the placement of facultative reinsurance. The eReinsure system combines a trusted environment for information exchange and negotiation with easy access and high standards of data security. eReinsure also supports XML messaging for accurate transfer of data to other systems. Now that improved internal controls are required to comply with corporate governance standards, eReinsure provides a better way to manage reinsurance transactions.
Skills required: 
Strong understanding of Object Oriented Principles, Java, J2EE, XML, XSLT, JSP
Skills highly preferred: 
Javascript, JDBC/SQL, HTML (XHTML) 
Other desirable skills: 
Web Services, DHTML/AJAX, .NET, CSS, Spring Framework, self starter
The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of Java web application development concepts and practices, will be highly organized, will be capable of working under demanding schedules, can communicate well, and can work well with a team of other web and non-web developers.

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Application Tester - Ability to read & interpret product specifications, create test cases to verify that the requirements were implemented correctly and log any defects.  This position doesn't require any formal training or degree.  This is a good opportunity for someone in the process of or looking at getting a degree in computer science or business. A good candidate will definitely have opportunities for promotion into many other areas of the company as his/her skills warrant.

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