Mysterious Hard Drive

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Yes, the BIOS sees each drive, listing the drive Model Number, size, all
that information accurately. If I boot with a live cd, and run gparted,
gparted will show the geometry etc.. All the data about the hard drive,
plus the partitions currently on the drive, on each drive. I have just
one drive in right now, want to get one going at a time, and I will
recheck the cable connections when I am back at my home desk. The cables
are all new and have all worked fine until a week or two ago, when I
decided to 'improve' things, causing my current mess. 

Thanks for the reminders. I am going to try Nicholas' hdparm -I
suggestion too, and then report on that response. 


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>Does BIOS see the drive at all or is there other evidence that 
>it has been properly connected and powered and that your cable is OK?
>I do not think I ever connected an HDD without either 
>forgetting to power it, or not pushing the cable connectors in 
>all the way the first time around.
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