Mysterious Hard Drive

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Mar 16 08:28:09 MDT 2009

On Mon Mar 16 2009 08:11:43 Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) wrote:
> > I really need some help. I recently decided to move a hard drive, from
> > a machine with a failing power supply fan to a newer machine. The
> > drive is an 80 GB SATA, and worked just fine until I powered down on
> > the machine it was in.
> >
> > After installing it in this newer box, I booted up, to find that the
> > drive was undreadable. I didn't get any hard drive failure notices,
> > just could not read the drive.

Does the bios on the previous motherboard enforce any sort of security? Did it 
perhaps enable the ATA security feature on the drive?

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