Mysterious Hard Drive

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Mon Mar 16 08:11:43 MDT 2009

> I really need some help. I recently decided to move a hard drive, from
> a machine with a failing power supply fan to a newer machine. The
> drive is an 80 GB SATA, and worked just fine until I powered down on
> the machine it was in. 
> After installing it in this newer box, I booted up, to find that the
> drive was undreadable. I didn't get any hard drive failure notices,
> just could not read the drive. 
> I had yet another older machine with a 250 gb sata drive, which I
> recently replaced because it did fail. I had installed it on this
> older compaq machine, installed 8.10 ubuntu desktop on it and was
> preparing to start using it on my home LAN. It worked fine there. 2
> days ago I pulled the drive from that machine, to install in this
> newer box and found that I can't even install 8.10 on it, which I
> tried as I could not get that drive to boot up either. 
> What am I doing wrong, other than moving working hard drives, from
> older machines to newer ones? 
> Please help
> Scott

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