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On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:25:40AM -0600, Garth Hill wrote:
> I'm looking to replace my shoddy wireless router and I have the  
> following questions for the myriads of (knowledgeable, experienced)  
> sysadmins and hobbyists on this list:
> 1. Is it preferable to have a regular router and then a wireless access  
> point, or a wireless router?

I keep mine separate. I have two FIT-PCs, one for the firewall, and
one for all other network services (DNS, DHCP, git server, etc.). I
don't trust the firmware in either my wireless APs (Linksys WRT-54g)
or my DSL "modem", and want to have the latest software on my

> 2. Is 802.11n the way to go yet?

Probably not for SOHO applications, Look at the actual sustained data
rates any two machines on your network get. Most of mine aren't even
at 10 MB/sec yet, never mind the 100MBs at which my network switch is
rated. The only reason to have the 100MB/sec switch is because it is
faster than a 10MB/sec hub, and because it can handle multiple pairs
of machines shipping data to each other. But by then you've likely
swamped your up-link to the outside world, the most likely usage

To get a good idea of the actual sustained data rates, use
netperf. Short of netperf, if you use a Debian derived disty and a
local cache for your repos (apt-cacher, etc.), observe the data rates
for the various machines once the cache has all the files for an
update in place. But is should be a fairly large update: at least 25

On the other tentacle, as 802.11n is the latest and greatest, it will
likely give you the best forward compatibility.

> 3. What are your suggestions of a good router and/or WAP based on
> these priorities: reliability, speed, price?

I'm doing just fine with the hardware I have.


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