router/wap suggestions?

Mike Lovell mike at
Wed Mar 11 21:26:21 MDT 2009

Matt Nelson wrote:
> I have two access points a wrt54g2 V1 and love it.  I also have a wrt610n
> V2, and hate the POS.  I had all sorts of problems with stability and not
> being able to discover the access point, and finally had to force the thing
> to g only to get it to work reliably.
> The problem was that when I would try to connect to the 802.11n it would not
> connect.  I had to connect to my other 802.11g AP and then I could connect
> to the 802.11n AP... and that was not the end of it.  After running on that
> AP for a few hours it would hang.  This is considered a BAD thing, although
> it taught me to run all my nightly deploys in screen :)  Also last I checked
> it does not support DD-WRT or Tomato.
> Anyways I don't know if it is just me but I will never buy another wrt610n.
> On a unrelated note does anyone want to buy a wrt610n V2? :-)
If the 802.11a radio is stable, I'd be interested.

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