router/wap suggestions?

Barry Roberts blr at
Wed Mar 11 10:54:19 MDT 2009

On 03/11/2009 10:25 AM, Garth Hill wrote:
> I'm looking to replace my shoddy wireless router and I have the 
> following questions for the myriads of (knowledgeable, experienced) 
> sysadmins and hobbyists on this list:
> 1. Is it preferable to have a regular router and then a wireless 
> access point, or a wireless router?
That depends.  I keep them separate, but I just so I can upgrade them 
> 2. Is 802.11n the way to go yet?
If you need the speed.
> 3. What are your suggestions of a good router and/or WAP based on 
> these priorities: reliability, speed, price?
I'm getting ready to buy 2 of these 
and put something like [open|dd]wrt on them.  I can't find the review 
right now, but I have read reviews that benchmark the Dual-Band routers, 
and they are faster.  So if you have a need for speed and can afford it, 
that's what I would recommend, having just done the research for myself.

My bridged 802.11g network is just barely too slow to stream HD.  So I'm 
gonna upgrade.

My current setup is 3 of these 
bridging 3 wired networks in my house.  They have worked flawlessly for 
years.  I don't think you'll ever put linux on them, but the firmware 
has bridging capability built-in, so it does what I needed.  When 
transferring files over wireless wget or scp show between 1.5 and 2.5 
MB/s throughput.  Highly recommended if 802.11g is fast enough for you.


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