New Definition of Happiness

Sasha Pachev sasha at
Sat Mar 7 15:44:30 MST 2009

Well, it seems like I have my problem solved, cross your fingers,
memtest86 has not failed yet.

I did not have PC2700 memory, but I looked around and found a couple
of  PC3200 512MB modules. I put it in, and to my great delight the
system booted. I thought of a new application of the verse in Doctrine
and Covenants 89 that talks about hidden treasures. Not only did it
boot, memtest86 is already 38% done and still reports no errors. Much
better than the original memory - memtest86 reported over 1000 errors
in the first 10 seconds. Amazingly, with that type of problem I was
able to install Ubuntu, and the system even stayed up for 20 days. I
only began suspecting a memory problem after seeing some odd segfaults
and ReiserFS corruption. I learned my lesson - do not be lazy and
always run memtest86 before you do anything else on a new system.

There is a joke when they ask individuals of different nationalities
to define happiness. Everybody comes up with some normal definition.
Then they ask a Russian. He says - happiness is when two men in dark
knock on your door and ask if so-and-so lives here, and you tell him
no, he lives upstairs. Along those lines, a new definition of

Happiness is when you  run memtest86, discover you have bad RAM, try
to find a replacement, cannot find it because it is too old, then you
open up the case, discover the system takes a better type of RAM, look
for it, cannot find it, then you find a different type of RAM at your
house laying around doing nothing, put it in with a dim hope that it
would work, and not only does your system boot, memtest86 does not
report any errors!

Sasha Pachev
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