Working with desktops or screens maybe.

Joshua Lutes joshua at
Sat Mar 7 10:44:29 MST 2009

Hey guys,

I've got two questions that seem like they might be related but it is
possible I just don't know very much.

The first: I use MythTV and can ssh into my tv box just great to do
various command line things.  However, sometimes my frontend will
crash (usually when I am messing with settings or something) without
taking the entire system down.  I'd like to be able to restart the
frontend remotely without having to reboot the entire computer.  More
generally, is it possible to push the mouse and keyboard on another
computer over to my tv box?  I mean, so that I could easily open up
Firefox and then start Pandora.  Is that something remote desktop can
do?  I'd assume it doesn't reflect what you are doing on the screen

The second: I have gotten into the habit of using four virtual
desktops for different tasks.  I'd like to be able to tell The GIMP to
always load on desktop three so that I don't have to go to desktop
three and wait for it to load or move it over there piece by piece
after it loads.  Thanks guys.


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