Sweet Mother of Perl!

Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Wed Mar 4 22:10:49 MST 2009

On Wednesday 04 March 2009 21:40:27 Matt Nelson wrote:
> Well I have finally come to the conclusion that perl is not going to die
> anytime soon.  Up to now I have been able to do most of my Linux related
> tasks by writing bash scripts, python scripts, and even java.  Well I am in
> a spot where I need to get more familiar with perl to maintain existing
> scripts, and extend or create new ones.
> Can I get some recommendations on a good perl book?

Smart boy. :)

If you're new to programming in general, grab "Learning Perl". Otherwise, 
"Programming Perl". The O'Reilly Perl library has a ridiculous number of books 
in it these days, but these two are really where you should start.

In other news, I am teaching in the Fedora Classroom this Saturday on Perl 
basics. It's free. All you need is an IRC client. 


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