Matthew Frederico mfrederico at
Tue Mar 3 12:55:02 MST 2009

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 12:45 PM, Matthew Walker <mwalker at> wrote:
> To be slightly more helpful, this thread mentions using nvidia-settings to set up
> TwinView with it. (See the last post) Is Matrox distributing Nvidia chipsets now?

Nah, its more like a pass-through box that aggregates connected
monitors together as if they are one.  I have it working via twinview,
but I'd much prefer to have them be 3 distinct workspaces.

I've done quite a bit of googling - all I really need (in theory) is
to know how to set up "boundaries" for monitors to act as distinct
workspaces.  Technically speaking, I should be able to do it with just
1 monitor, but have 2 distinct workspaces on the same monitor but that
would be gross ..

If I google for "partition" the obvious hard drive partitioning comes
up, I didn't think about "screen boundaries" though.  That may yield
something more palatable.

-- Matthew Frederico

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