CPU fun

Garth Hill garth at thrag.net
Tue Jun 30 15:14:18 MDT 2009

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> For this purpose, a CPU is a lot like a light bulb.  I have a lamp with 
> a warning sticker that says "100 watts max".  If I install a 150 watt 
> light bulb in the lamp, it will certainly work, but the risk of 
> overheating would be high.
> So the new BIOS now has a big warning sticker.  If you're unlucky, 
> you'll fry a capacitor or chip.
Thanks for the explanation.  However, it's a little bit more of a 
warning sticker.  It's a warning sticker that then proceeds to power my 
system down in 5 seconds immediately after POST,  without exception.  I 
did have a lower wattage CPU of the same socket type in another comp, so 
at least I can have a working computer until I buy a new processor.  The 
corollary is that I *did* use that higher wattage CPU on that mobo for 
over a year with heavy uses (games, movies, etc).

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