Need some help finding a web app to fit a problem

Justin Hileman justin at
Mon Jun 15 08:47:45 MDT 2009

Nathan Blackham wrote:
> I have been asked to help with distributing items from an estate.  The
> goal is to allow all the members provide input on items that are part of
> the estate in a confidential manner, so that the executor can divvy up
> the items fairly and to people who want them.  I need to create/find an
> web app that will do the following:
> - Allow people to look at the item (picture may be included, but not
> always)
> - Record input from people on a per item basis on a scale ( must have,
> like to have, could use, don't want)
> - Keep the results confidential expect to the admin.
> - possibly be able to add public comments from users about items (to
> give stories about an item, etc.)
> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I am somewhat under a time
> crunch.  If I don't find anything, in the next couple of days, I will
> have to start coding something that will work up.

Drupal + CCK is built for things like this.


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