Two routers

Jones, Scott (GE Money, consultant) Scott.1Jones at
Tue Jun 2 10:18:16 MDT 2009

>Andrew McNabb wrote:
>> I would also like
>> to point out that the differences are purely in software.  You can 
>> modify the VLAN configuration to make the WAN just like all of the 
>> other ports.
>Yup. It's all software. Using a LAN port + disabling DHCP just 
>happens to be the easiest to do (least amount of config) on a 
>stock WRT54G.
>"Upgrade" it to DDWRT/ and you can do all that and more: make 
>multiple VLANs, put wireless and wired on separate VLANs, use 
>a shared SSID for both routers, install PeerGuardian, set up a 
>VPN, etc :)

Justin, et al: 

I am ready to reconfigure my home LAN and want to assure I have a clear
understanding of this. I will try to illustrate the LAN layout and my
understanding of the proposed procedures, with as much detail as

Physical Layout (current) 

Internet via Comcast Cable >>> SMC "gateway device" (also in laundry
room downstairs) which includes 4 ports, serving the following >>> 

	| in laundry room	(1) Vonage/Motorola VOIP ATA delivering
home telephone signal
	|			(2) Vonage/Linksys/CISCO WRT54G wireless
router (which I hope to make my Access Point for all 		|
	|				(a) Windows XP Pro Box on port
1, serving upstairs bedroom
	|				(b) JetDirect HP 2605dn color
	* in office		(3) Vonage/Linksys/CISCO WRTP54G 2 phone
port, 4 ethernet port wireless router
	*				(a) Windows XP Pro box on port 1
	*				(b) Primary Ubuntu Server on
port 2
	*				(c) Secondary Ubuntu Server on
port 3

Since my two WRT routers are Vonage locked, would I be able to upgrade
the OS to DDWRT or others, without cutting myself off from Vonage's
services? What's involved in the 'locking' or 'unlocking' of such

My goal in all this, is to establish a clean wireless access point, and
also allow enough port connections for the referenced machines and any
others I want to add to my home network. I'd like to be able to plug
devices into either router, in either location. I understand that if I
plug into the LAN port on either device after disabling DHCP on each,
then each will just act as a switch, without DHCP, allowing instead the
SMC router to handle all network NAT and DHCP assignments. 

Can I still assign static internal IP addresses to individual machines
if the SMC is handling DHCP and if the WRT's are acting as switches? 

Please advise, if I am on the right track with all this so far.


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