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Lance Grover lance.grover at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 16:24:19 MDT 2009

I have experience with this sort of thing, I am willing to mess with
it if she wants but I always tell everyone to use me as your last
ditch effort.  I allways tell them that when I am done you won't be
able to take it to those expensive places, so if you are just planning
on chucking it then let me have a go.
  I am not a fan of the freezer method but it does work on occasion
due to the hardening of greese.  There are a few things I do, first I
see if it spinns up, at all, if it does then I listen to the head for
clicking.  Some times a light tap can align the head and allow it to
function.  Another reason for nonworking drives that still spin can be
due to warping of metal components, I will loosen a few screws on the
cover and that sometimes will releave the tension, enough to get data
off of it.  There are other tricks also.
  I know I am not very active with the group, and it isn't like I have
any profesional training on hard drives, so if you/or your friend
don't want me to have a crack at it and rather ship it back to the
manufacturer for an RMA I would be just fine.


On 7/30/09, Garth Hill <garth at thrag.net> wrote:
> I have a friend who frizzled her hard drive.  I don't know the extent,
> but she took it to geek squad or best buy and they told her $1600 to get
> the data back.  Does anyone know of a cheaper or free as in pizza way of
> doing this?
> Just curious.
> - Garth
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