Need Member Input re: Kimball Larsen

Brian J Rogers brian at
Wed Jul 29 23:01:09 MDT 2009

> I say we block this -brian guy for hate mongering. Ok, not really, but I
> can vouch for Kimball personally and it really disturbs me to see this
> kind of response. It's one thing to block some guy from nigeria who
> tries to get us to launder money for his aunt, and another when one of
> our own (as you can verify by looking in the archives) makes an honest
> mistake

While you may be able to vouch for him, I cannot. I am not the one who 
sends out these kinds of emails. To you it may have been an honest 
mistake, but from my point of view, he sent an unsolicited email asking 
me (what appeared to be, because I skimmed it) to sell my unused gold 
and silver. It was spam, whether he meant to send it to me or someone 
else. I was not the one advocating suing him, I just voted to ban his 
privileges to send to this mailing list. I was asked my opinion, and I 
gave it.

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