Need Member Input re: Kimball Larsen

Joel Finlinson joel at
Wed Jul 29 16:47:11 MDT 2009

On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Mark Higbee <mark at>wrote:

> return 1;
> I almost voted 2 since the spam was not humorous...

   I have to disagree on this point.  I thought there were three humorous

1) ("This message is not spam.")

You know a message is spam the second they're telling you that it's not.

2)   ("You have elected to receive it by providing your contact information
to our partners.")

   I didn't realize that PLUG was a spam partner!  Here, all these years of
emailing back and forth, we've been fooled!  They've just been harvesting
our email addresses getting ready for the day when we could 'learn' of this
GREAT opportunity!

3)  I thought not too long ago (I'm not it in the archives....), someone on
the list was mentioning/complaining that conversation/activity had been slow
or light.  This intentional spam sure seems to have stirred things up a
little and we get to see who's still alive and interested in PLUG out

   PLUG is a great community.  I almost always enjoy the conversations that
occur.  Thanks for the avenue to express our thoughts.


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