Need Member Input re: Kimball Larsen

Mark Higbee mark at
Wed Jul 29 14:59:39 MDT 2009

return 1;

I almost voted 2 since the spam was not humorous...

Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> I talked with Kimball Larsen on the phone to get his side of the story
> regarding the recent SPAM sent to many PLUG members. Kimball was very
> apologetic and regrets what happened. Basically what he did was scan for any
> addresses in his inbox, and added them to his bulk mailing software. At the
> time it seemed like a good idea, but now Kimball realizes it was a horrible
> business decision. He has gotten several complaints, and (as I mentioned)
> greatly regrets making that decision. It doesn't sound like the mail was too
> successful at driving traffic to his site either.
> I explained to Kimball that I don't have the final say regarding who gets
> access to the PLUG list. The community at large does. I told him I would send
> this message out to get your feedback. Your choices are:
> 1) Forgive Kimball, realizing he has learned a hard but valuable lesson about
> unsolicited e-mail.
> 2) Do not forgive Kimball. Keep his account blocked.
> Please vote.
> -Ryan
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