Need Member Input re: Kimball Larsen

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Wed Jul 29 14:51:25 MDT 2009

On Wed, 2009-07-29 at 13:35 -0700, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> 1) Forgive Kimball, realizing he has learned a hard but valuable lesson about
> unsolicited e-mail.
> 2) Do not forgive Kimball. Keep his account blocked.

3) Enforce a cooling off period. Allow only limited participation for a
period of time. Kinda like a time out or excommunication.

I don't want to see Kimball cast off forever to beg for bus tickets and
table scraps in back alleys, but a simple "whoopsey" doesn't seem
appropriate either. It isn't about a few bytes pumped through a server,
it's about a betrayal of trust. Like inviting the in-laws over and
trying to get them to join your latest MLM. Forgiveness is certain, but
you won't be going to visit them again for awhile.

"XML is like violence: if it doesn't solve your problem, you aren't
using enough of it." - Chris Maden

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