Need Member Input re: Kimball Larsen

Brian J Rogers brian at
Wed Jul 29 14:46:15 MDT 2009

> I explained to Kimball that I don't have the final say regarding who gets
> access to the PLUG list. The community at large does. I told him I would send
> this message out to get your feedback. Your choices are:
> 1) Forgive Kimball, realizing he has learned a hard but valuable lesson about
> unsolicited e-mail.
> 2) Do not forgive Kimball. Keep his account blocked.
> Please vote.
> -Ryan
I don't really care too much, I just marked it as spam and went on with 
my day, but I highly doubt that this was an accident to be sent overall. 
It seems he is more apologetic that he got caught, not that he sent it. 
He was going to send it out anyway, which I think is disagreeable to say 
the least.

I say we forgive, but keep his account blocked.


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