podcast feed generation for itunes

Scott Edwards supadupa at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 15:39:17 MDT 2009

My music is a bit of a mess on multiple computers, but I'd like to
consolidate most of it to the ibook so I can sync to my soon to be
here ipod. :)

Importing music with mac+o doesn't seem to digest large collections
well.  I have some podcasts that seem to handle this better.  I have
apache running on all my workstations (huzza for mod_userdir).  I'm
sufficiently savvy with perl, but I'm lazy! Is there a wheel for this?
 I don't mind inventing my own, but I need something to take a list of
files, and create the spiffy xml file for feeding itunes as a podcast
so it'll download stuff over the network etc.



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