Yes, a can of worms... But general direction would be nice...

Kyle Waters unum at
Wed Jul 15 13:25:50 MDT 2009

On 07/15/2009 12:23 PM, Sasha Pachev wrote:
> As we have learned through the bad experiences some of us had on this
> list, doing something conceptually correct could really tick off your
> client when he loses the data he values even when that data has been
> theoretically invalided through a break-in.

    This is why you need to create safe secure backups.  Yes it is true
that they *probably* didn't do anything but use your computer except to
insert some code on your site that would infect other people's
computers.  As always this depends on how important things are to you. 
If we give our customers bad data they could go out of business, and
that's not something you want to be responsible for.

    There's a good reason most of us handle server administration with a
dose of paranoia.  If you are casual about it you could put
someone(including yourself) out of business.  So while the chance is
small, why take it?  This is after all the money you use to feed your self.

If the data isn't in anyway critical to your business, why are you
keeping it?


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