Open source event registration software

Andrew Hunter ahunter at
Tue Jul 14 23:22:23 MDT 2009

Hi to all.  My subject pretty much tells what I'm looking for.  I'm setting up a system to handle signups for a few days of workshops.  Everything I've found seems to go way beyond what I need.  All I'm looking for is scheduling and signup.  Online courseware (Moodle-type functionality) would be excessive.  I need to be able to:

1)  Create events, providing date, time, place, description, and possibly attendance limits.
2)  Allow users to register for events.  Standard email confirmation, contact information collection, etc.
3)  Generate lists of attendees for individual workshops and the overall event
4)  (Cool, but optional):  Send email to the lists from 3).
5)  Generate reasonably well-formatted event schedules.

I've looked at a few options already...

CiviCRM -- Goes ridiculously beyond what I need.  Unless I also want to set up Joomla or Drupal (which I don't, lacking time...), CiviCRM requires the use of OpenID.  This would discourage attendees, as they wouldn't know or trust OpenID.  CiviCRM is complete overkill and obnoxious to use.

Moodle -- As courseware, it's great, but I don't need that.  Using only a subset of Moodle seems, to my decidedly uninformed brain unit, to be awkward at best.

Mailman (and similar) -- Could do the job, awkwardly.  Create a mailing list for each class, let people sign up for each and manage their own times.  Sadly, this may be the best option so far.

Rapla -- Just started investigating this.  Don't know much about it.  Its origin as a room-booking package worries me a little, but it might have grown gracefully.

This is for a series of LDS Church-sponsored talks (think Education Week with only the classes and much smaller)... I don't suppose the Church has something I'm overlooking?

I've also looked at other options too numerous to recall here.  Is there anything I'm overlooking?  For that matter, is there software made for other purposes that could nonetheless be made to do what I need?  Please let me know if I've been unclear... I'm dozing off even as I type this...


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