Music Streaming

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Mon Jul 13 13:47:44 MDT 2009

On 13 Jul 2009, at 12:39, Matt Nelson wrote:

> Well the time has come to take another look around.  I have quite a  
> bit of
> music in my music library, which makes it annoying and unrealistic  
> to sync
> it all to my iphone/ipod/laptop/work (not that I want to), etc...
> I have used Subsonic for the last few years and it has done quite  
> well as a
> music streamer.  It works as a standalone app, or as a simple .war  
> file that
> you drop into an application server.  More details can be found here:
> Well I have found some shortcomings that lead me to look around and  
> see what
> you all are using to see if there is something better.  The main  
> thing that
> I would like is something that will tie in with the iPhone (I  
> commute for a
> few hours a day so this is a big plus to be able to do over the G3
> network).  It would also be nice if it had the ability to stream  
> video, and
> transcode it on the fly to a mobile format, again for the iPhone, or  
> for
> viewing on a small screen in a car, for the kids...

I have been trying SimplifyMedia.  Pretty nice.  Could use some more  
features, but it is amazing.  I have all my music on on machine and I  
can listen to it any time any where with SimplifyMedia.  It acts as a  
streaming server that just runs on whatever workstation you have.


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