Regional SPAM Blocking in Postfix

Mailing List ml at
Sun Jul 12 14:52:03 MDT 2009

> smtpd_client_restrictions =
>     cidr:/etc/postfix/personal_cidr,
>     cidr:/etc/postfix/regional_cidr,
>     reject_rbl_client,
>     reject_rbl_client,
>     reject_rbl_client

I found a great site with easy to download CIDR lists for specific 

For instance, to curl/wget the CIDR IP block list for Nigeria, you can 
use the URL

They update their IP databases daily (according to their website).

I'm going to make a simple cron script to pull down my selected list of 
countries and generate iptables rules from them. I prefer to just 
blackhole such annoyances vs. bounce them.


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