Regional SPAM Blocking in Postfix

Josh Frome jfrome at
Fri Jul 10 07:01:50 MDT 2009

> Agreed. I banked there years ago. I got tired of the fees putting me at
> a negative balance, so I paid it off and closed the account. They sent
> me a letter about 8 months ago saying I owed them a few hundred dollars
> more in fees even though the girl at the bank said I was clear when I
> closed. The letter also said I was in collections on it. I called them
> and fought it, took only 5 minutes for them to fold. I have never had
> any issue with the credit union I'm at now, in fact all they do is tell
> me I can do more things through them for free.
> -Brian

I had the exact same experience with Zion's calling to collect on an
account that had been closed for a year.  The difference between
Zion's and my current credit union is huge-- for the better.


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