Linux MD problem

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Wed Jul 8 11:22:11 MDT 2009

On 7/8/2009 10:40 AM, Mike Lovell wrote:
> I also took a look at the md superblock on the devices. sd{u,v,w}1 look 
> like they are fine. sdx1 looks funky. It shows that sdx1 is active but 
> that 1 other disks is removed and the other 2 are as faulty. It looks 
> like maybe the information on sdx1 got messed up while the others are fine.
>> mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 --force --uuid=[UUID_from_previous_command]
> I am about to try an mdadm --assemble command to see if it helps.


If what you are assuming is true, and sdx1 is the faulty drive, then 
maybe you should try reassemble the array with all the drives besides sdx1:

mdadm --stop /dev/md0
mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sdu1 /dev/sdv1 /dev/sdw1 --run


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