Linux MD problem

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Tue Jul 7 18:18:22 MDT 2009

I can't help, but am really interested to know your solution when you get it.

I have avoided the raid10 personality since I could never confirm the actual 
layout to know that it really was mirroring. When I last tried it, all the 
outputs it logged including when failing and adding devices implied it was 
only striping--I was never convinced it worked--which was unacceptable for a 
ha environment. Perhaps they could improve the usability of mdadm.

Instead, I have always done my own raid10 via layering raid0 on top of raid1 
mirrors. This way I can make the physical topology anything I want, such as 
mirroring or striping across different busses. It makes it possible to boot 
from as well.

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