A little OT - looking for help designing electronics of embedded linux device

Merrill Oveson moveson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 08:17:39 MDT 2009

Try Wolf Electronics.  Can't say that they're the solution - just someone
local who you can try.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Jeff <ml at mindstormdevelopment.com> wrote:

> I know this is a little off topic but I keep running into dead ends on
> this one and I'm hoping the collective intelligence (or is that
> intelligence of the collective - borg-style) can help out.
> I am trying to find a contract electronics design company who can help
> me design a product (the product will run embedded Linux so it's not
> entirely OT). I've talked with a couple of different local companies
> (VPI, Neonics) and based on the discussions I had with them I've
> discovered that what I'm after is apparently a bit more cutting edge
> than I had thought. Because it's apparently so cutting edge, it's going
> to take a company or individual who's expertise is in the specific field
> of eletronics I'm after (measuring distances using the "time of flight"
> of an RF signal). Also they need to be someone who is up to date not
> just on what's on the market but what is just barely hitting the market
> and what is about to come out of the labs and onto the market in the
> next year to 2 years.
> Does anyone know of any company, individual, or guru like that? (They
> don't have to be local to Utah though it would be great if they are).
> I've tried google - but the problem is every custom electronics design
> company claims to be great in their marketing materials and I've
> realized I'm probably only going to be able to weed through them based
> on references.
> Thanks
> Jeff Moyes
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