A little OT - looking for help designing electronics of embedded linux device

Jeff ml at mindstormdevelopment.com
Fri Jul 3 13:50:58 MDT 2009

I know this is a little off topic but I keep running into dead ends on 
this one and I'm hoping the collective intelligence (or is that 
intelligence of the collective - borg-style) can help out.

I am trying to find a contract electronics design company who can help 
me design a product (the product will run embedded Linux so it's not 
entirely OT). I've talked with a couple of different local companies 
(VPI, Neonics) and based on the discussions I had with them I've 
discovered that what I'm after is apparently a bit more cutting edge 
than I had thought. Because it's apparently so cutting edge, it's going 
to take a company or individual who's expertise is in the specific field 
of eletronics I'm after (measuring distances using the "time of flight" 
of an RF signal). Also they need to be someone who is up to date not 
just on what's on the market but what is just barely hitting the market 
and what is about to come out of the labs and onto the market in the 
next year to 2 years.

Does anyone know of any company, individual, or guru like that? (They 
don't have to be local to Utah though it would be great if they are).
I've tried google - but the problem is every custom electronics design 
company claims to be great in their marketing materials and I've 
realized I'm probably only going to be able to weed through them based 
on references.


Jeff Moyes

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