Instructure is Looking for Developers

Devlin Daley devlin at
Wed Jan 14 13:43:12 MST 2009

I'm doing a startup called Instructure. We're building the next
generation of Learning Management System. If you've been in college
within the last half decade or so, we're building a replacement to

We don't want to be "Instructure: they don't suck as much". We set out
determine what product was needed, and a product that would be
successful when it came to market. We've visited 17 schools; got tons
of feedback on a product mockup, and have identified what schools
need, what they want, and what they'll buy. Now we're building it.

We've received a seed round of funding from our esteemed PLUG
colleague, Josh Coates.

We're looking to bring in some more people. Let me know if you're interested.

Devlin Daley
devlin at

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