January PLUG Meeting: Parrot - Scheduling Issues

Stephen Weeks tene at iodynamics.com
Wed Jan 14 20:29:00 MST 2009

Not long ago, Ryan Simpkins proclaimed...
> Stephen Weeks (Tene in #utah) will be our presenter this month. He will be
> discussing the Parrot VM. From Stephen...

So, I seem to have done something rather stupid.  I scheduled an
after-hours job for work at 6:00 tonight in American Fork.  It's a
simple server migration, and as far as I can tell everything is going to
be very straightforward, but Murphy applies, and my "This is way too
simple; there must be something they're not telling me." sense is going

Everything I can see points to me being maybe 15-20 minutes late, if
anything.  Work is higher priority than PLUG, though, so if things go
disasterously wrong, I'll be there all night.  I don't know an
appropriate way to handle this.  I'll still get to the meeting ASAP and
talk to anyone there, but I can't guarantee that I'll make it there on
time or at all.

Please direct all complaints and hate mail to sjansen.

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