Qt going LGPL

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 10:38:02 MST 2009

Dave Smith wrote:
> Bryan Sant wrote:
>> Holly Cow!!!  That ROCKS!!  Thanks for the heads up.  Could this mean
>> that future releases of KDE may be LGPL?
> Although that would be really cool, I doubt it. It's so hard to 
> re-license code when there are a lot of copyright holders involved.

KDE's source code has always been licensed under the LGPL.  I still
don't know how this worked, but somehow it ended up being that KDE apps
in binary form were always GPL since Qt was, unless you had a license
for Qt. In that case you could develop closed source KDE apps.

So yeah, KDE libraries can immediately (well after the 4.5 release) be
shipped in binary form under the terms of the LGPL.  No need to contact
copyright holders since they already consented to the LGPL years ago
(since KDE 2.0 days I think).

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