Qt going LGPL

Levi Pearson levi at cold.org
Wed Jan 14 10:31:29 MST 2009

"Bryan Sant" <bryan.sant at gmail.com> writes:

> I hope they're more than funny.  I understand the whole competition
> argument, but I definitely identify more with those who argue that a
> lack of UI consistency between popular open source software has
> hampered the adoption of Linux on the desktop.  Let's face it.  While
> GTK is a fine effort it is vastly inferior to Qt on both an
> API/functionality level, and a look-and-feel level, and a
> cross-platform level.  Qt is frankly miles ahead of GTK.  I hope that
> GTK apps will be ported to Qt and GTK go away pertinently.  This will
> really help both new Linux users and developers.

I really don't care about what GUI toolkit my apps are written in, but I
think many Linux apps that use Gtk will continue to do so largely
because Gtk is C and Qt is C++.  A lot of C developers, rationally or
not, hate C++ and won't consider switching to it.

Also, Gtk has its fanatics just like any other open source projects, and
they are unlikely to stop being so just because something else is
available with a suitable license.

Finally, some people still prefer the look-and-feel of Gtk to Qt.
Tastes vary, and you'll deprive Linux users of their diversity of tastes
at peril of your life.


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