Qt going LGPL

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Wed Jan 14 09:45:35 MST 2009

Michael Torrie wrote:
> This is good news indeed.  I hope that this leads to more under-the-hood
> integration with Qt and GTK, both in terms of event loop and subsystems
> such as kio_slaves/gvfs perhaps, more dbus integration, themes, etc.

Trolltech did some fun work to bring GTK themes into Qt at one point, 
but I *highly* doubt that we will see integration like this. If it were 
going to happen, it would have already.

I believe the *only* change we will see is that more companies will use 
Qt instead of GTK for their GUIs. GPL projects are basically unaffected. 
But that is an exciting prospect indeed. I can't wait.

My company is going to save 6 figures annually because of this change. 
It'll be great.


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