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Mon Jan 12 11:45:50 MST 2009

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 10:32 AM, Levi Pearson <levi at> wrote:
> Jason Wright <jasonwright365 at> writes:
>> Very true. Despite what Apple says, DRM was never about elimiting
>> pirates. Bittorrent, and others still exist. It is about "eliminating
>> legitimate competition, hobbling interoperability, and creating de
>> facto technology monopolies" (see
>> )
> Heh.  I love how that article starts out saying that DRM is a card that
> content rights holders have been playing against Apple, and then goes on
> to blame all the other DRM Apple uses on Apple itself.  The fact is, DRM
> *is* about legal leverage, but I'll bet that Apple is on the receiving
> end of that leverage as much or more as the giving end.  Apple is
> playing the game, but they're not the root cause, and I'll bet they'd be
> just as happy to play in a field that didn't include DRM.

Well, they shouldn't criticize others (call them hackers, threaten
lawsuits, etc.) who try to use their technology (ipod) to play music
in their DRM-laden format.
Thant being said, RealNetworks is also hypocritical for using DRM.

Apple is for DRM, when it suits their purposes. Apple has more
competition now and will do what is in its best interest to keep
customers. If apple really does support eliminating DRM, they should
take more steps than just this one. (See all 8 points listed on eff
article) They should also be proactive at taking steps, instead of
taking them when it is in their interest to make more money.

> This situation is analogous to the patent situation.  Software patents
> are completely screwed up, yet a smart company MUST play the game in
> order to remain competitive in the market.

I'm not sure how it is analogous. DRM and patents are very different.
DRM is used to prevent using your media (software, music, video,
hardware, etc.) how you see fit. If you bought the item you should own
it. That doesn't give the right to give it to your neighbor. Whether
Apple uses DRM or not, thieves still steal it.

Patents are used to protect competition from ripping your original
ideas and hard work. Without patents, copyrights, and trademarks there
would be much less incentive to innovate and produce high-quality

>yet a smart company MUST play the game in
> order to remain competitive in the market. seems to be doing fine without DRM, Walmart as well. Heck,
any individual artist selling music on their site almost never uses

> Some may play nicer than
> others, but it's hard to be a competitive business and avoid the wrath
> of the EFF/FSF zealots.

Zealots, eh? Name calling won't help support your argument. Stick to
facts. That and the FSF is not the same as the EFF. They have very
different goals.


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